Saturday, June 16, 2012

Journal Cover in Doubleweave with Sprang

Here's another warp photo... I think the warp looks so pretty threaded in these blocks, with the morning sun coming through.

One thing I like to do in anticipation of attending a conference is to make a special journal, just for notes and memories of that conference.  Sometimes I weave a cover for the journal.  This warp was for the cover I made for the jounal I took to CNCH last month.

I threaded it in doubleweave with some blocks allowing for sprang of part of one layer.  I tried out a few different Sprang "stitches" like a little sampler. 

I also used the properties of doubleweave to make a pen loop and closure tabs that wrap around the book and close with velcro.  The original plan was to use some cute buttons, but they ended up interfering with the pen when it was inserted.  So much for planning!

Here's the finished journal, after going with me to Oakland and back, so it's a bit travel-worn.

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