Friday, August 3, 2012

Award-winners return!

My pieces from Convergence are back home now.  Here's "Trade Winds" looking very tired and dingy after its travels and hanging in the "Latitude: All-Media" exhibit, but very proud to have been given an award from the Complex Weavers organization for Excellence in Complex Weaving.  The central logo in the beautiful handwoven ribbon was made by Lillian Whipple, an excellent fine-threads weaver whose company I always enjoy when I see her at these gatherings.

Looking over the photos and remembering the pieces that were in this exhibit, mine was about the only one that even qualified for this award, if I understand what the Complex Weavers are about.  It just happened that the juror didn't choose many pieces with complex structure.  Still it's such an honor and very exciting.

Part of this award is a year's membership in the Complex Weavers.  I was a member before for a few years, maybe a decade ago.  They will also publish an article in their Journal about "Trade Winds" and how it was made.

And here's the 3-plus yards of "Dead Reckoning", posing with its two (!) awards: second place from the Handweavers Guild of America in the "Longitude: Yardage" exhibit, and a recognition by the Guild of Canadian Weavers with their Nell Steedsman award.

The award from the Canadian guild includes a subscription to their quarterly bulletin, which will also publish an article about this fabric and its weaving.

I was so hoping that other weavers would "get" what I am doing.  The actual response was way beyond any expectation.  I am definitely not finished exploring this idea, and I hope it sparks others to make interesting discoveries as well.

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  1. Congratulations!

    Happy to see that you are getting the recognition you deserve.

    Your proud "Papa".