Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Repurposing"? Or just using yardage?

The fabric from the Convergence yardage exhibit is being (gasp!) cut up into pieces.

A few people, after admiring the fabric, asked me what I planned to do with it after the exhibit was over.  I honestly hadn't thought about it; I had made the fabric specifically for the show.  But yardage is just that, yardage, usually made to be sewn into an end product.

What to do with this fabric?  It would make attractive throw-pillow covers, but nautical isn't really my thing in the way of home decor.  The doubleweave is too heavy except for maybe a blazer, but the pattern is too loud and contrasting for clothing.

So what will I sew from it?  Stay tuned for a future post in which its destiny will be revealed!

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