Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer & Winter creates a reversible fabric

Now that the fabric is starting to come down onto the cloth beam, I can give you a view of the other side of the fabric.  I am weaving it with the light, or "summer", side facing me as I weave.  Here you can see the dark, or "winter", side.

When woven in its tradtional manner, Summer & Winter typically has this characteristic, where one side is predominantly light, the other dark.  The white warp dominates in some places, forming the light areas.  Where the darker pattern colors float over the warp, the dark areas appear.

The dark/light feature is presumably where this weave structure gets its name.  Other structures can produce this reversible dark/light effect, but for some reason this one got the name "Summer & Winter".


  1. Beautiful! Can I ask if the pattern is for sale? Thank you.

    1. Hi Alpha. Thank you! At this time I don't have it in a form that is sale-able. It would take some work to write it up and make it fit for someone else to use. I think you're not the first person who has asked this, though. Maybe I should put the time in to be able to offer it... If I do I'll post it on this blog.