Saturday, September 7, 2013

Guest spranger update - Rosalie's sprang inset scarf

Rosalie has finished her piece combining weaving with sprang.  It's a scarf she wove as a gift.  She used lots of different textured yarns in the weft, in addition to the sprang.  Isn't it lovely!

Here's a little more about the scarf and the process from Rosalie, included here with her permission:
How do you feel about it now that it's finished?  I'm really glad I'm done.  It was a slow go with up to 4 shuttles in a row.  Did it on the knitters loom.  And having to weight all the threads off the back of the loom was hard.  I retied the back every time I started a new sprang element cause those threads needed less tension and the position of the elements changed every time.
Did you enjoy the process?  Sometimes.  Using the crochet hook for the 2 rows was a pain in the %$& and took forever.
Do you feel that you got better at it with practice?   Yes, each one is different on purpose... I knew I'd never be able to have them all be uniform.  I had to start over several times for the first few, but didn't need to towards the end.
Would you do it again, or has it led to other things you'd like to try?  I will NEVER do this again.

...and there you have it!  Oh, well, I was hoping I'd have some company in this adventure, but I guess not.  That's okay, I'm still pressing on with my own developments in combining weaving with sprang.

How about you?  Is there anyone out there who has combined weaving with sprang before?  Please leave comments below.  Thanks!

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