Sunday, November 17, 2013

Springy sprang from hemp cord

Working with hemp again: my concept is maybe a shopping/produce bag.  But hemp has so much body to it, the rows don't really pack down evenly so it makes a very springy sprang.  When I worked with this fiber before, I liked the product after it had been boiled to soften it, so I'm hoping that will help this one behave too.
Here's the setup I am using for this sprang bag.  I wanted as long a warp as I could manage on this frame.  The warp goes up over the top PVC pipe and down to the holding stick.  When I complete a row of sprang, I am transferring the twist up over the pipe and down the the other end of the warp.

The stop-cord sticks (held together with rubber bands so they don't slip out) aren't really crooked.  That's just the energy of the twisted hemp causing the whole fabric to twist.

I will be demonstrating sprang technique on this setup next Saturday and Sunday November 23 & 24, at the Designing Weavers Exhibit and Holiday Sale.

Two of my wall pieces will be on exhibit, and several of my bags and Flutter-by scarves will be for sale, along with lots of other beautiful creations by this group of fiber artists.

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