Sunday, February 9, 2014

February Towel of the Month - Warping

Beaming the warp onto a standard beam is always nicer  if you have a helper to turn the crank while you keep tension on the warp.  If you're a solitary weaver, you've probably developed your own method of getting the warp onto the beam neatly and evenly.  Here's what I do.  From the warp beam, the warp is going through the raddle, just visible on the right in the photo.  Then it is routed up over the castle and is weighted in sections.  I tie a slip knot in each bunch of warp, and hang a fishing weight from the loop with an S-hook.  In this instance, I put 8 ounces on each of four 4-inch bouts of warp, and a little less weight on the bout that is less than 4 inches wide.

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