Monday, June 16, 2014

I'll be the one wearing hourglasses

Before I was able to put the gauze samples onto the loom, I had to get this project off the loom.  The colored warps that I am spranging were a painted skein with some copper metallic sparkle.  It was something I bought on impulse years back, and had just been sitting around looking pretty.

I saw an article recently, probably in Handwoven magazine, of a way to make a painted skein work like a painted warp.  You make the warp in a circular manner using a multiple of the skein length.  Here it is on my warping board.  I used two repeats of the painted pattern.

Here's a bit of the finished fabric before I cut it up to make it up into a top to wear to Convergence.  So if you're coming to Convergence 2014 in Providence next month, look for me wearing this!


  1. For those of us not going to Convergence, you will have to wear the top to a guild meeting - maybe the transition meeting! Maureen

    1. Sure, and I'll put it in our fashion show this fall, of course!

  2. Can't wait until fall! How about a photo while you're at Convergence?