Saturday, October 4, 2014

October's Towel - Ms & Os & a Dilemma

October's weave is Ms & Os, which contrasts plain weave areas with areas of fairly long floats in a weft rep, causing side-to-side deflection in the woven fabric.  It uses the now-familiar 40/2 linen set at 30 epi, but this time in contrasting stripes of both the natural unbleached color and the bleached ivory.

But the draft is a puzzler.  I am not sure what Barrett can have meant.  Here's an image of the profile draft she gave.  There is no indication of what portion of this design is to be repeated across the width of the towel.
Each square represents a threading unit that is 8 threads wide.  Here are the thread-by-thread "keys" for the two blocks A & B.  She says there are a total of 71 units across the width, or 568 ends total.  The design shown, though is 11 units wide, which does not divide evenly into 71.  Also, if you repeat the whole draft as shown, you'll have two blocks of B in the unbleached linen together, and I have a feeling that is not what she meant.  So some portion(s) of the profile draft must be for the start and/or end of the design, and the rest is the pattern to repeat. 

If I leave one unit of the profile out of the repeat, that makes ten units per repeat.  If I repeat that 7 times, that's 70 units, plus the one to balance at the end makes the 71. So my profile draft for the threading looks like this.  The only difference is the repeat indicator - it changes everything!

So I measured out my bleached and unbleached linen warp according to my plan here.  What do you think?  How would you interpret Barrett's profile draft?

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