Monday, December 21, 2015

A Little Road Trip for my Fabric

Here's what 60 yards of that 60"-wide fabric looks like, loaded up and ready for delivery to the drapery-maker.  I almost can't believe I actually did this.

Destination:  J&L Draperies.  This storefront is where they meet with customers and have sample books lining the walls.  They have a separate workshop where they actually cut and sew the products.

I also got to visit the house where these are going to be installed.  The drive and carport sort of look like a hotel or something, but this is a private residence.  The layout is a square with a courtyard with pool in the center, terra cotta brick walls, brick floors and lots of glass.

These are the old curtains which will be replaced with the fabric I wove, in the family room area.


  1. Wow! Amazing to see it all together in the car. Actually it seems it went quickly. I am glad they will be made by a professional company.
    Sandy in the UK

    1. Yes, I'm certainly not qualified to make draperies professionally!