Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Weaving at the senior center

I've started going over to the senior center in town, where surprisingly they have a weaving room, which has accumulated a half dozen floor looms, most of which are sitting unused.  I thought I'd come hang out and see if I can lend a hand at getting the looms operational and in use.  One of the looms has had an abandoned cotton and linen warp sitting on it for a few years, so I fixed some errors and got it tensioned and weaving after a fashion.  I'm told it was to be a tablecloth.  I chose some various whites and off-whites and a turquoise accent to complete the windowpane check.

You can see one of the apron straps had frayed and finally broke, which we'll have to replace.  I'm wondering if anyone recognizes this loom.  It has an interesting side-tie-up system.  It's also missing its ratchet handle, which makes it difficult to tension, so I'm hoping we'll come across it and can get that back on once I get this warp woven off.  The loom will be pretty much impossible to use by someone without much grip strength.

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