Sunday, April 16, 2017

Shadow Weave - A New Love?

After finding that gem called "shadow huck", I thought I was done - successfully - with trying to find a way to like shadow weave.  Moving on, I started weaving some samples from Peter Collingwood's The Techniques of Rug Weaving, starting with the 2/2 straight draw twill and all its color-and-weave combinations.  But then I started "reading ahead" and what did I find but shadow weave! This is the draft from page 291, a simple 4-shaft with the 4 blocks in a straight twill order, with a reversal.  The first sample on the left is treadled as normal for shadow weave, alternating 2 colors pick-and-pick.

Then he gives a couple ways to expand or extend the treadling so that the pattern isn't so "squashed".  I won't attempt to redraw his nice diagram; this is straight from that page. The second sample above uses (a) and the third is (b).

I needed to convince myself I understood this well enough to apply it to a pattern using more than 4 shafts, so I chose a classic draft from Carol Strickler's A Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns.  This is #301, an undulating pattern that can be treadled to look a bit like leaves. This is actually only a segment of the threading as my samples were only 32 ends wide.  Again the 3 samples are normal straight treadling and the 2 extensions.

That pattern was too large for the tiny sample, so I tried a smaller pattern, this diamond shape flanked by a zigzag, a segment from Strickler #298. I think the design shows best with the (b) extended treadling.

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