Friday, November 10, 2017

WeFF Report

SCHG's Weaving & Fiber Fest was a blast as usual. So many guild members chip in and help, it makes a fun fiber-filled day. Here are Karen F. and Karen L., modeling two tops I had in the fashion show.

The purple and blues one on Karen F. is in huck and huck lace.  The tops have sleeves that are open on top and are secured with a decorative button.

They have a side slit below the arm seam, on a diagonal that gives them a handkerchief-hem look. The green one Karen L. is wearing is in leno weave and has a nice drape.

Photos by Leslie Rodier.

And here's the display of the guild's annual challenge, whose theme was "Fruit". My answer were the towels that are all lined up in 2 rows on the rack. I called them "Fruit for All Seasons Towels", since they were woven in Summer & Winter (haha, get it? - groan!).

Photo by Candy Goodwin.

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