Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Ply-Split Basket: Convergence 2012 Continues

Thursday I spent in a class taught by Linda Hendrickson.  I enjoy taking her workshops and the ply-splitting process and product, but haven't explored this technique further on my own.  She mentioned that she won't be traveling to teach any longer though she will continue to produce videos etc., so I was grateful to have experienced one of her classes one last time.  Each time I seem to be able to take in a little more of the knowledge she has to impart.

Here's my little basket, completed the next morning (didn't quite get it done in class).  If inverted, this would make a darling hat, wouldn't it?

Convergence and all the associated exhibits and events are almost too much to take in all in one week.  Last night on my way home I stopped by the three pop-up galleries on Pine Street and said hello to my local friends and aquaintances who were showing there: Susan McGehee had a one-woman show with her spectacular woven-wire pieces; six tapestry weavers from the Seaside guild had a wonderful whimsical group project of twenty tapestry illustrations of a delightful story by Nicki Bair about a sand crab; and the Designing Weavers had a show with lots of their great work.

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