Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sprang Class at Convergence

It was workshop number two for me today, a sprang class I enrolled in simply because I felt I should take the opportunity to take a class from one of the few people who are teaching this technique.  And am I glad I did!  There is always more to learn.  Carol James is a good teacher and I learned so much from her today:  little bits of technique and better ways to put together a pouch, other ways of using the two halves of cloth that are formed, history, some concepts I hadn't thought of before about the fabric and its construction, and why things happen the way they do while one makes this structure.

Here are the two pouches I completed in class.  Not much to show for six hours in class, but as usual in these classes, the product isn't the prize sought but rather the knowledge imparted and the interaction with instructor and other students.

My "Dead Reckoning" piece was awarded second place in the yardage exhibit!


  1. Yay! Your yardage is spectacular. I was in LB today and saw people closely examine your yardage sample with awe -- really! You are doing something unique. There were some other impressive pieces; second place is great!

    1. Thanks, Merna! Can't wait to get an in-person look at the display. The all-white piece next to mine that got awarded 1st place caught my eye as soon as I saw it in the gallery guide.