Saturday, June 29, 2013

This summer's "Summer & Winter" weaving continued - moving heddles

As I mentioned, I haven't done much weaving using the Summer & Winter weave structure.  This structure requires a lot of heddles to be on 2 of the shafts (the tie-down threads get threaded on these 2 shafts), while relatively few heddles are required on all the other shafts (these are the "pattern" shafts).

In fact, half of all the warp ends are threaded on the first 2 shafts; the other half are distributed on the other N-2 (where in this case, N=16).

So, before I get to the threading, now I have to do what I've decided is my least favorite task in weaving: moving heddles.  I will redefine shafts or reorder them before I'll move heddles.  I've found something to enjoy about all the other jobs.  Still looking for the spoonful of sugar this one.

Moving heddles involves removing the heddle frames from the loom, counting out heddles, unhooking the heddle bars and sliding the heddles off one frame and onto another that needs them.  Here are the frames removed from the loom and all piled onto a table.

Part of the job is done, and that's counting out how many heddles are already on each shaft frame.  Last time I moved heddles, I put a piece of masking tape with how many heddles were on each shaft.  Those are the pieces of tape on the left.  The ones in the middle are just the shaft number (1 through 16).

After getting enough onto frames #1 and 2, the task ended up being largely taking heddles off and storing them.  The inserted-eye-type ones have a direction that makes it easier to thread if they are sitting pointing the right way for your threading hook to go through.  So here I'm threading them onto some cord to keep them in order...
...and bundling them up with the cords.

On many of the frames, the heddles were all every-which-way, so I didn't bother threading them on cords.  It will just be extra tedious to put them back on, one by one in the proper direction, when the time comes.

It will be nice then to know they're all lined up in the right direction like soldiers.  Maybe then I'll take the time to clean the rust off the bars as well.

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  1. I dread doing the heddle moving. My fingers do not cooperate and I hurt myself each time with sliding that bar back and forth.