Saturday, August 10, 2013

Experimental sprang garment #2 continued

I have woven some of the fabric for this project, and now have started a section of interlaced sprang.  Here is a detail of the transition between the weaving and the sprang.  The point of the pink triangle is at the center of the warp, where I changed from light-dark-light-dark color sequence to dark-light-dark-light.  The light warps on the right half of the fabric are moving to the left in the sprang portion, and those on the left side move to the right, intersecting to form the light-colored triangle.

 Here's a view of the entire width of the project, showing the upper part of the sprang forming simultaneously with the lower part.  The pink shape in the center is echoed by two dark half-shapes at left and right selvedges.  (What do you call that shape?  I want to call it a cartouche.)


  1. Thanks so much for share your experiments combining sprang and loom´s weaving. It´s really inspiring.

  2. Ellen, Graciela, Helena:

    Thanks so much for the comments! I'm so glad to share these projects with you. Please let me know if you get any ideas from these!