Saturday, August 3, 2013

Experimenting with sprang in a garment - again

The previous project in plain weave and sprang was a tunic top with sprang forming the shoulders and yoke area of the top.  I am trying a different application now, putting the sprang at the waist of a garment.

The painted (dyed) silk noil shown in last week's post is now threaded on my 8-shaft loom, alternating the light and dark colors.  Here it is at the back of the loom, with afternoon dappled sun coming through the window.

Here it is as I am starting to weave.  I am using a natural-colored silk noil single-ply as the weft.  The warps look totally different from one half of the weaving to the other, because the alternating light-and-dark changes to dark-and-light at the center, so that the top of each plain-weave shed is half dark and half light.  This has no apparent effect in the woven colth, except for a tiny dark stripe at the center where two dark warps lie adjacent.

The effect of the warp order will become apparent when I start the sprang section, which I plan to show in my next post.

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