Saturday, March 1, 2014

February TotM Finale

Here is  February's Towel of the month completed, wet-finished and ironed.  While weaving these, it occurred to me that maybe the switch from treadling A to B and back again at the hem ends was so that the fabric would match on the back when turned under for the hem.  So I did it both ways.  In the towel on the left, the hem matches on both sides; in the one on the right, it contrasts.

You can see the difference in the two yarns I used.  On the right is the heavier yarn I started with, and on the left the 10/2 that I swapped in after weaving the first towel.

I didn't see any comments that anyone was following in February, so I'm keeping both these towels for my kitchen.  The third towel went to another test kitchen, this time that of my sweetheart (it was, after all, Valentine's Day).


  1. Hi from Australia, I am interested in your lovely design for your tea towels. I was wondering if you would be willing to share your design for weaving them. I have just bought finally and 8 shaft 10 treadle jack loom and am looking for a really nice first project on it for myself and my daughter and i love hearts. If you are willing to share a wif file or anything i would be very happy. My email address is Many thanks and if you can't then i still think you have a very helpful and informative blog that i will continue to read.

    1. Thanks - I'm glad you're enjoying the blog, and congratulations on your new loom! The towel design is not my own. This and all the "Towel of the Month" series are from an old Weaver's Journal article available online at
      I have several blog posts detailing the instructions for this towel. Start reading at and note that I beamed the supplemental pattern warp separately. If you don't have 2 beams you can just weight that part of the warp over the back beam.

  2. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.