Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March TotM - Threading, Tie-up, Treadling and Drawdown

Here's the draft for this project.  If you click on the image you should be able to open it larger.  I was able to open January's draft on my tablet and use it right at the loom for threading.

I included the drawdown in this draft so you can see the pattern.  It looks sort of like a four-leaf clover when depicted in green like this.  If you do yours in another color it might make a nice floral motif.

Planning for three towels, and backing off on my conservative estimate for loom waste, I will measure my warp ends to be 1.1 x (3 x 38") + 20" = about 145", or just over 4 yards.  Since it seemed to work well before, I will again measure it in 5 groups of 4 inches (120 ends each) or less.

Repeat the first 38 ends of the threading, fifteen times, then thread the other 25 ends to balance out the pattern for a total of 595 ends.

Make sure to "use tabby" when weaving, as usual for overshot.  Repeating the entire treadling sequence shown will make the wider pattern band.  The narrower band in the photo looks to be pattern picks 6 through 15 or possibly 5 through 16.

Weave along and get a chance to win the Towel of the Month!  You do not have to weave every month, just the towels that interest you.  If you are weaving along, please leave a comment to let us all know.  Put a link or url in the comment to a photo (on your Flickr, Picasaweb, Photobucket, your blog etc.) of your work in progress. Deadline to post you r comment is midnight GMT Mar 31, 2014.

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