Sunday, February 8, 2015

5-Day Art Challenge in One Day

I've been "tagged" or asked a few times to participate in a posting challenge that's going around Facebook.  You're supposed to post 5 images of your art, one per day, and "tag" another artist each day.  I guess it's sort of the social media equivalent of a chain letter.  (Remember those, when we used to send letters by snail mail, those of you of a certain age?)

I'm doing well when I am able to post once a week, so I don't think I'm up to the challenge.  So instead I'm doing mine in one post, today. 

For my 5 artists, I will name 5 other contemporary fiber artists who work in sprang.  Some are participating in the 5-day challenge already, and one I'm not even sure is even on FB.  But their work is a must-see.

Check out Chieko Aihara's superb work:

Graciela Foradori not only does nice sprang work but also exquisite hand-manipulated gauze weave:

Edith Meusnier creates fantastic huge outdoor installation art using sprang:

Carol James is a sprang and fingerweaving evangelist:

Ellen Shipley is the only other person I've ever found trying to combine weaving with sprang:

And for a bonus, Blue's web site
and her facebook page are great resources.

Here are 5 images of my work... enjoy!
#1: Trade Winds. 15"x16"x2".  cotton, cottolin. double weave, sprang, pleating.

#2: His Hands Are Mutes. 25"x30".  cotton.  double weave, sprang.

#3: Involution. 18"x21"x3".  linen.  double weave, sprang, pleating.

 #4: Regeneration.  22"x34".  wool.  twill weave, sprang.

#5: Chart and Compass.  11"x9.5".  silk.  double weave, sprang.

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