Saturday, August 15, 2015

Knitting with Warp in "Warp Knitting" Structure

Yeah, I know.  I can not believe I am doing this either.

The structure I am attempting to get is called warp knitting, usually only done by machine in the textile industry.  Instead of one continuous element being worked loop by loop in horizontal rows, the loops are made from many vertical elements.  The loops have to alternately go through loops made by their neighbor elements on one side or the other.

Here I've spread out a section that doesn't have too many errors in it so you can see it a bit better.  As in my other knitting-on-the-loom trials, the warp ends per inch needed for the woven cloth is way more dense than is needed for the number of stitches as this yarn wants to knit.

You can view a diagram of the structure I'm trying to get here.

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