Thursday, August 13, 2015

Latest Crazy Weaver Lady Experiment - Knitting on the Loom

In 1988, Birgit Olson Barron published this booklet Knitting on the Loom: Techniques for Producing Knit Stitches Within the Woven Structure.  She also apparently came to my Guild and gave a workshop, but that was before I even knew guilds existed or what a great resource they are.

This is something I've been wanting to try for a while, and apply it to my methods where I leave portions of my warp unwoven.

But before I move on to that, I thought I'd work through some of the techniques she introduces in her book.  She suggests using knitting yarns, but my end objective (I think!) is to use weaving yarns, so I started with 5/2 cotton.

Here are two of the samples I've done so far.  The warp is a tan color, with a pink weft.  The one in the lower half of the photo is knitting of weft yarns, and in the upper half (in progress) is knitting of warp yarns.

I had an image in my mind of what working the stitches would be like, but as usual the execution was... different.  You work the weft-knit stitches in columns, not in rows as in normal knitting.  For the weft knitting, I found using a crochet hook worked better than the latch hook she recommends, but the latch hook seems better for the warp knitting.

Here's a close-up of the warp knitting.  I think the warp sett that is needed for a nice woven fabric is too close for how the yarn wants to knit up.  So a good candidate for using only a portion of the warp in a layered manner.

What else can I say.  This is so cool, knitting on the loom.  Knitting.  On the loom!  Knitting. On. The. Loom.

I wonder where this path will lead?

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