Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sprang and doubleweave again

In an effort to be more brave about color, I'm trying some oddball (to me) color combinations in some small sprang-and-woven art pieces, just to see what happens with color blending and contrast.  These are a series similar in structure to some of the doubleweave I had done a couple years ago.

It's interesting that the sprang under the tension of the loom is causing the fabric to buckle slightly.  I don't remember noticing this before, but the low light angle is really showing it up in this photo.


  1. I ran across a photo on Pinterest of your sprang doubleweave. I am so fascinated with this structure. I have searched and searched for patterns or instructions about this structure but I am not having any luck. I am a fairly new weaver (2 years) and each project I try to stretch my knowledge and challenge my abilities. I do not do well with the same ole', same ole'.

    If you would share a draft or a resource to find a draft I would be so grateful. I have found the wide weaving community so willing to share and help unlike other crafts I have been involved with.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can share. - Jeannine Martin