Thursday, May 1, 2014

April TotM off the loom

April's Towel of the Month is off the loom, and one of the towels has been hemmed and wet-finished (put through the laundry), here on the right compared to the un-wet-finished towel on the left.  The second photo shows the shrinkage that occurs in the washing.

This pattern again is "rosepath" a small point twill threading on four shafts, woven with a supplementary pattern weft "as overshot": that is, weave a pattern pick with the pattern weft alternating with a plain weave ("tabby") pick using the ground weft.  The pattern weft is different colors of cotton embroidery floss, and the ground is 20/1 linen.  The warp is 40/2 linen set at 30 epi.

You can check out the patterns for upcoming months by downloading the original 1983 article by Clotilde Barrett in issue 30 of Weaver's Journal.

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