Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I got the Rhode Island Blues

I was supposed to be in Providence today.  But Providence, it seems, had other plans in store for me.  The Polar Vortex cancelled my flight and apparently many others.  It took the airline over an hour just to put a human on the line, and she wasn't able to get me there soon enough to make it worth the trip.  If I would have made it there at all.

Convergence is something I spend two years anticipating; it was, to put it mildly, a letdown.  I could have gone to work at the Day Job today but felt physically drained and I'd planned to have the day off anyway, so I stayed home - yes, to wallow in self-pity a little, but also to thread a loom.

There's some consolation in a sense of accomplishment.

Oh, well.  Time to start looking forward to Convergence 2016.


  1. Bummer! As much as the galleries called to me, I chose to stay home this year, but you're missing a chance to see your own work exhibited. Sad.

  2. So, sorry to hear you couldn't go. I know that was an awful disappointment. You did the right thing to feel a little better...WEAVE...

  3. Thanks, Merna and Anna. Yeah, so bummed. I think I was looking forward to the galleries and exhibits the most too. It looked like there were some really nice things to see and inspire.