Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July TotM - The Draft

July's Towel of the Month is on the same threading as April's towel, a rosepath threading, but it uses a different tie-up.  It makes a design meant to look like tiny "stars and stripes" reminiscent of the US flag, just in time for our Independence Day.

The warp is again bleached 40/2 linen, 569 ends total.  The "tabby" weft is the bleached 20/1 linen.  The pattern weft called for is the "5-strand floss" which I don't find available, so you can substitute 5/2 cotton in red and blue.

To weave this one, weave 8" plain weave with the tabby linen, then follow the draft to weave the pattern, throwing the red and blue pattern yarns where indicated, and the tabby weft in between as shown.  On one end of the towel, repeat the "stars and stripes" three times total, weaving 26 picks of tabby between each one.  On the other end of the towel, just make one repeat, reversing (do the stars first, then the stripes).

Happy summer weaving!

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