Friday, April 20, 2012

Blue "Lagoon Ripples" Tote

Here's another "challenge" project. The theme for 2004 was "Making Waves", in which we were to take our inspiration from the ocean, use some provided fibers, and have a triangle somewhere in the design. I chose colors that made me think of the sea. This bag was woven using pique weave, in which the main fabric is "stitched" down by tie down threads that stay hidden most of the time. I had never done pique before, but it turned out well for a first try, and it gave me a chance to try out my second back beam for the first time as well. The straps are a 24-strand flat braid, and some of the braid elements are raffia, which makes the handle stiff - but part of the challenge was to use the raffia! The lining is fabric dyed using "shibori-in-a-jar" technique that Estelle Carlson taught at an SCHG workshop.

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