Saturday, April 21, 2012

Honeycomb Tomato Bag

Here's another guild challenge bag, this one from 2003. The problem to be solved was: make it red, employ a curve, and use the provided materials (which were a piece of cheesecloth and some red sequins). Well, the cheesecloth was white, so the first step for me was to dye that red. What was I going to do with this though? A honeycomb weave structure gives some nice curves, satisfying that criterion: I can cut the cheesecloth up into strips and use it as the thick weft in the honeycomb weave. For the base tabby structure I used a red cotton, and of course I needed to buy more cheesecloth than was provided. Some of the sequins I randomly sewed into some of the honeycomb "cells"; I used more sequins in the tassels at the ends of my braided-braid handle. This one gets used infrequently - at Valentine's Day and when I'm feeling bold enough to carry such a bright color.

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