Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A healing handbag

In our most recent (2011) guild challenge, "Challenging Threads with Colorful Quotes", we were each randomly given a different quote about color to interpret in a piece. Mine was a quote about the color green in people's auras by Edgar Cayce, who I learned was a psychic from the 1950s. Since I don't really subscribe to psychics, I almost asked for a different quote, but then I decided that this was my particular challenge, so I took it. The quote was about emerald green in an aura having healing and friendly qualities.

When I think of emerald green, I remember the emerald green bridesmaid's dress I wore for my college friend's wedding way back when... so I thought, where is that dress? That was really pretty fabric I will never use for anything else; I could slice it up into narrow strips and weave it. Well, I searched all my closets, chests and drawers and boxes... I must have given it away. Oh well. I had some fabric from some window coverings of about the same vintage. Not as shiny and intense but still a nice green, so I used that.

This Amy Butler pattern reminded  me of a doctor's bag, which went with the idea of healing. The bag made its debut when I went out with the same group of college friends from the wedding party. Sadly, since that night, one of us has left this earth due to illness; I will still remember that last visit together every time I use this bag.

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