Thursday, April 19, 2012

I put a cork in it

This was another SCHG challenge project, the one from 2005. Donna & I organized this one. Everyone was provided with a pallette of greens and berry/grape colors, some number of yards of 3 different yarns selected from the pallette, and 6 wine corks.  The design portion of the challenge was to incorporate an isolated motif in the design, that is, a design element that is completely surrounded by a ground.  I must have forgotten that part of it, because I don't see that my pattern has that characteristic.  Do you see an isolated motif in there?

I did a doubleweave of little squares, sliced up the corks (and a bunch more in addition to the six in the kit) and inserted them into the pockets formed in the doubleweave. The handle is a flat braid. This purse has a good stiff body lent to it by the corks, and would probably be good to take boating as I'm sure it would not sink.

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