Sunday, April 21, 2013

Experiment #1 in warp painting for luminosity

I'm part of a study group on color, and this year we have been focusing on how to achieve effects like luminescence, opalescence and iridescence in fiber. I chose to narrow my efforts toward luminescence or luminosity.

I was impressed by fiber artist Fuyuko Matsubara whose work seemed to have an effect similar to what I was after. She has a very involved process including unweaving and reweaving (!) her work, but thanks to some inspired conversation at thanksgiving (thanks, G!) I tried something simpler and I think it is working.
My first experiment was in watercolor on paper. I made two images of concentric circles going from light to darker values using two different colorways, sliced up the paper and used the strips alternately as "warp".  Here are the two "warp" images (cosmic, huh?):

 Then I wove "weft" stripes in a land/water-scape composition. Here is the "weft: image:

 And here is the woven image from the three paintings.  You have to really squint to get sort of a pointillist image to come out.

So I decided it was time to try it with yarn, to get smaller "pixels" in my image.

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