Saturday, April 20, 2013


Last Thanksgiving (yes, this is a very late post), we (I with my helpers G & M) made a sampler based on one of the twill stuctures in my Bliss piece.  By threading the warp ends to be spranged on a different shaft for each block, many blocks are possible so that the sprang can start and stop independently at the weaver's whim.

This sampler leads to another serendipitous convergence of ideas.

M said that this piece of sprang looked particularly like a tree (ignoring the color I suppose).  I needed a subject for an upcoming project, and I had been thinking of depicting a grating or lattice lit from behind, but I like the tree idea much better.

The sprang in this case is the diamond-shaped all-over hole pattern that is formed by alternating rows of 2/2 interlinking with rows of 1/1 interlinking.  There are less crossings, so it gives the impression of branches.

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