Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Experiment #2 in warp painting for luminosity

Next I tried mixing painted warps again, like in the paper experiment except with smaller "pixels" using yarn, a 10/2 cotton. I divided the warp into three different sheds and painted a similar globe of light on each, again using different colorways grading from light to dark values going toward the edges.

Warp #1:

Warp #2:

Warp #3:

I did a few like this in plain weave:

And then re-sleyed the reed and did one in twill which I think came out more dramatic because I was able to make the bottom part weft-dominant (1/3 twill) and the sky warp-dominant (3/1 twill):

But then I decided I had gone too far in scaling down my pointillist "pixels".  I wanted my main piece to be more weaverly, if that's a word.  To be continued...

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