Thursday, April 25, 2013

Regeneration: New Life Sprang Forth

The scale was just too small on the woven experiment #2.  I wanted the colors in my background to have more life.  So for the big piece(s), I went to 20/2 wool, and painted it with acid dyes.  I did two images to get two paintings with the same wastage as one, plus I thought I might need some practice and hopefully one of the finished pieces would come out as I hoped.  Here is warp #1:

Then it bled a bit.  Well, OK, a lot.  One of the paintings less so than the other.  Here is the same warp a little while later:

And here are warps #2 and #3:

And the first piece, after weaving in twill weave, with sprang "tree" forms in the foreground silhouetted against the painted-warp sky.  In this one, you can see clearly the warp I used for the sprang coming out of and reentering the fabric above the branches and below the roots:

It felt really good to weave on this painted warp.  I just had all this color in front of me.  It's funny but it seems like whenever I try do do something in color, it always turns out purple-and-green-and-orange (is it that I don't like the primaries, or that I just like mixing things?).  These warps had just about all the colors in the rainbow, but when I raised each shed to weave, I called them in my head the purple warp, the green warp and the orange warp.

Here's the second image.  I think I got the hang of the "tree" forms better on this one.  The sky is also more vibrant (it's the one that bled less):


  1. That is the coolest application of sprang I've ever seen. Plus a nice pun :)