Friday, October 23, 2015

Workshop at Canta Cruz Handweavers

I had a wonderful time with the Santa Cruz Handweavers last week.  To start with, my gracious host lives in a beautiful wooded area up in the hills.  This is a view from their deck - isn't that fantastic?

Here is my class, busily weaving away.  This was the first time I've taught this workshop "The Unwoven Warp: Layering Sprang on Woven Cloth".  Everybody in the class was a trooper; they all were intrepid in trying this unusual technique.

Don't they have a nice meeting place?  It's a community building in a pleasant park.

Everyone was able to get in at least a  few sprang motifs by the end of the workshop.

More student work.  I like how she's found a place to store her tools while she's away from the loom.

Some students got creative with their sprang, and got new ideas to try.

Interlaced sprang, and one worked with weft.

Thank you Santa Cruz weavers for your hospitality and enthusiasm!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Loom Christening - First Warp

Something spicy to try out this loom.