Friday, September 9, 2016

Wall of Shuttles

Finally got my shuttle wall put back up, having moved the studio nearly a year ago now.  Well, half of it is up anyway.  This is one of those overcoming-inertia things.  Hopefully the other half won't be too long to follow.  It feels pretty good to have the shuttles have a home.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Summer is Winding Down

I haven't posted in a while; been in a slump during August.  All my focus and anticipation seemed to be directed at the trip to Convergence in Milwaukee (I had a great time!), and I guess it kind of sapped my energy once it was over.  Now that the sun is dropping in the sky and the evening light is coming sooner and sooner, I'm a little sad that the summer has flown by.  I always have such high hopes for productivity for the summer.  I did have fun going through sample after sample adapted from Recueil d'Armures Fantaisies by J. Moiret.  Here's a scan of one of the more intricate weaves.