Friday, January 29, 2016

Next Samples

Here are the next doup leno samples I made, by making some of the warps white to contrast with the various blues I had in the first sample.

The white warp is more clearly showing off the lozenge-like shapes I wanted to see.

I tried out the different blues in the weft to see what they would do.

A darker-valued weft emphasizes a different patterning.

I think the white weft is coming closest to what I am after for my current purpose.  I like how all the white lines are working together making all these fractured-looking shapes like cracks running through.

Which is ironic, since the white weft was what I thought was making it not work on the previous warp.

On the reverse side, distinct little diamond shapes are formed.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Doup Leno Lace Sampling

Well, my sample didn't do exactly what I'd hoped.  My intent is to design yardage from which to make some lace curtains.  But even when the piece is backlit, the white weft overpowers the really interesting things happening in the warp.

To de-emphasize the weft, I did a little bit using sewing thread and then with monofilament.  Here the warp pairs dancing with each other are really apparent.  I notice that it shows a little better when one set of warps is a lighter color.  This gives me the idea to try using white as part of the warp instead of in the weft.  This will be fodder for the next sample.

But as for the current sample, it will just become a nice scarf.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Winter Lace

Sample for the latest project, casting an intricate shadow in midwinter afternoon sun.

It's a leno weave, hopefully for a project to submit for next summer's Convergence yardage exhibit.  The colors I've chosen are cold, but the sun coming in my window is keeping me warm as I weave.