Friday, January 10, 2014

A glimpse of the monster

Continuing with my series of variations on my sprang-and-weaving, I'm trying to push various limits.  In this case, how fine can I make this structure?

So here's the scary project I mentioned previously.  It's 3600 ends of 120/2 silk.  I intend to sett it for double weave.  When I did this with 60/2 silk in a previous project, I sett it at 60 ends per inch (epi) per layer, or 120 epi in the reed.  120/2 is twice as fine, which I think means this current project should be 120 ends per inch per layer, or 240 ends per inch in the reed.

I have it through the heddles at the stage shown in the photo.  I don't even know if this is going to work - I'm just pressing on, anxious to find out.  Fundamentally, my concern is over the density of the heddles.  There are so many heddles in there, they don't even fit in the width they're supposed to.  This is even after I modified my design, simplifying to a lesser number of blocks, so I could spread the heddles over more shafts.  So will this cause tension problems because the warps will vary slightly in length due to the different path each takes through the loom?

Or, once I get it tensioned and check for errors, will I be able to recognize the errors and fix them?  Will I even be able to get in and see them to fix them?  Because let's face it, the odds of this monster being error-free are near zero.

Or, when I try to start weaving, will it even open a shed?  As shafts are raised, will the density of heddles cause wear on the yarns as they find their way around the eyes of neighboring heddles on the stationary shafts?  Will the weight of the heddles be really heavy to treadle?

Do people do double-weave with this fine a weight of yarn?

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