Friday, January 24, 2014

Silk nightmare conclusion

Is it possible for me to work my weaving-and-sprang combination in fine yarn?  The answer is yes.  Is it worth the effort?  I'll have to say no.  I'm not happy with the sprang part.  Whether because it is sett too close or because the scale of the rectangles is too large relative to the yarn, the sprang just looks 'blah'.

And in the end, it came down to who was going to be more stubborn: me or the warp?  And the warp won.

I did learn some things.  Silk can look as hairy as mohair at a fine enough scale.  Sett matters.  My eyes are not getting any younger.  There are limits to what I am willing to do.  And color and light is complicated.

The colors in this yarn really surprised me.  When I bought this stuff, and all through the warping process, I thought I was dealing with purples and browns.  Even when I look at what's left of the skeins now, that's still what I see: purples and browns.  It wasn't until I started weaving that I discovered that what I had thought were browns now appeared as reds, golds, and a color I cannot think of as anything but green.

I ended up weaving less than 4 inches.  Part of my motivation for getting this beast off the loom is that I want to use my 15-dent reed for my kitchen towel project, and it's nearly ready to sley.  So, move on and weave on.

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