Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Towel of the month - January - Calculating & Measuring the Warp

As it turns out, I don't have white in the 20/2 cotton.  So I'll be using this taupe-colored yarn for my January towel.  It certainly won't be reminiscent of snowflakes as in the original article.  Oh, well.

The article says to weave the towels 38" long.  It's not real clear whether that means 38" worth of warp or to allow for takeup, so I'm hedging and adding 10% for takeup.  And I'll allow 24" of loom waste (this depends on your loom and your method of tying the warp onto the loom).  I want to make 3 towels, so each warp end needs to be 1.1 x (3 x 38") + 24" = 149.4" or about 150", or 4 yards 6 inches.

I'll be using my loom with a standard warp beam.  So I've found a path on my warping board that is 150 inches long, and I'm measuring the warp.  I plan to warp "front to back" so I am making a thread-by-thread cross at one end and a raddle cross at the other end.
Here's a picture of the raddle cross.  My raddle has 1" increments, so I have one inch worth of warp ends (30 ends in this project) in each group in this cross.  (Don't confuse this cross with the "false cross" that forms on the loop end!)  Here I've measured four inches wide worth of warp ends.

So are you warping your January snowflake spot Bronson kitchen towels yet?

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