Friday, January 17, 2014

Monster Warp Nightmare Continued

Oh, was I wrong about the sett.  The chart I found suggests to set 60/2 at 60 and 120/2 at 120.  But I should have thought a little: 120/2 is twice the yardage of 60/2, and Ashenhurst's formula is not linear: it goes as the square root of the yardage:

60/2, 15,000 yards per pound, 0.9 x sqrt(15000) / 2 = 55 epi

120/2, 30,000 yards per pound, 0.9 x sqrt(30000) / 2 = 78 epi

Here I am resleying to 90, but it probably should have been more like 75.

So it's still too dense.  My sheds all look like this or worse.  So very sad.  Who knew silk could be so sticky and hairy?  Every minuscule bit of fluff causes an issue, and I have to be careful that one of my own hairs from my head doesn't get into the mix!

I think it's exacerbated by the fact that I couldn't get all those tiny threads evenly tensioned, and then resleying and untying and retying to fix errors made things worse.  And there were plenty of errors.  I would fix one, then discover that somehow I'd fixed it wrong and made it worse.  At one point last weekend I felt like crying.  But I persisted and I'm getting cloth at last, albeit slowly.

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