Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Towel of the month

Happy New Year!  Here's wishing you and yours health and blessings in the coming year.  If you're a weaver, happy weaving, too!  A few months ago I came across an article by Clotilde Barrett in her Weaver's Journal that gives a project for each month of the year, all kitchen towels, each in a different 4-shaft weave structure, as a way to study each structure and end up with a useful sample at the same time.

I saved the article thinking it would be fun to make the projects starting in January, show my progress and stumbles, and invite other weavers to weave along.  Well, January is here, and because I have a piece going on the loom that is turning out to be very time-intensive, I'm not in a position to commit to weaving anything else this month.  But I'd still like to share the projects.  And who knows, maybe I'll need a break from the scary project.

So, the towel of the month for January is... Spot Bronson.  The vitals are:

Warp: 40/2 bleached linen
Weft: 20/1 bleached linen
Sett: 30 epi double sleyed in a 15-dent reed
Total number of warp ends: 561
Width in reed: 18.7"

I'll work up and post a draft and calculations, and I plan to at least post some thoughts on the project later this month even if I don't actually weave it.

You can find the full article and many other gems at Ralph Griswold's On-Line Digital Archive.

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